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附送刻字服务(最多15个英文字母 / 4個中文字)

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✔ 2021年日程
✔ 本周目标 Goals of the week
✔ 每月计划与目标 & 检讨与反思


366 Days with Wisdom
Introduction This is a collection of Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s Essay which reflects on hoe Humanistic Buddhism applies to all aspects of life. Topics in this book include discussions of ethics, emotions, wealth, happiness, compassion, religion, education, celebrations, nature, government, and our future. These essays emphasize the importance of how a moment of thought can transform our daily lives to purify our mind and thought. Let’s read it.
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Bells, Gongs and Wooden Fish – 無聲息的歌唱
Introduction In Bells, Gongs, and Wooden Fish, Venerable Master Hsing Yun grants voices to the objects of daily monastic life to tell their stories in this collection of first-person narratives. From monastic shoes to robes and alms bowls, these everyday objects tell the story of their lives and the life of Buddhism from their own perspective.  Originally published in 1953, the collected sketches are both lyrical and satiric. The collection of inanimate speakers describe and criticize the state of Chinese Buddhism in the early twentieth century in which educating the laity in an afterthought and the day-to-day activities of monastics are dominated by funerary rites.  Bells, Gongs, and Wooden Fish showcases the beginnings of Master Hsing Yun's work as a Buddhist reformer, and describes a path to revolutionize, modernize, and humanize Buddhism that resonates to this day. 
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366天与大师相会 / 星云大师
专文推荐 内容简介 本书所选辑的文章皆摘自大师的著作。书中366篇文章,按月份分成激励、财富、职场、品格、家庭、社会、情绪、生命、生活、人我、内省、修持12个主题。每篇文字配上一则〈佛光菜根谭〉,以及几段文字作论述与说明。全书充满通澈世情、洗涤心灵的人生智慧。希望读者借由每一天阅读一篇大师的文章,智慧增长、法喜充满。
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