Cloud and Water – 星雲說偈
As much as Chan has a tradition of ardent practice and profound teachings, it also has a history of beautiful artistry. Cloud and Water is a sample of that rich history, with translations of over thirty-six beloved Chan poems, each with commentary by Venerable Master Hsing Yun.
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Chan Heart, Chan Art – 禪話禪畫
In Chan Heart, Chan Art, Venerable Master Hsing Yun retells one hundred classic gongans – the direct and often humorous stories of the enlightened conversations between Buddhist practitioners, in approachable and lively prose. Winner of Foreword Magazine’s 2007 Book of the Year Award for Religious Fiction, this handsome volume is perfect for lovers of quiet solemnity and sublime beauty alike.
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Buddha Land in the Human World – 人間佛國
Buddha Land in the Human World chronicles the construction of the Buddha Memorial Center, a vast complex in Taiwan built to honor the life of the Buddha. Beautiful landscapes, interactive museum exhibits, and breathtaking shrines surround the center piece of this modern pagoda: a relic of the Buddha’s tooth, recovered from his funeral pyre, and locked away from the public eye for centuries, until now. Learn the origin, vision, and stories of the thousands of people who worked together to create this bastion of Buddhist learning and devotion that will last for generations to come.
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Bright Star, Luminous Cloud – 雲水日月
From Fo Guang Shan’s construction of colleges to the propagation of Buddhist writing and media, as well as to the development of improved relations between China and Taiwan, Fu Zhiying looks at the mind behind these innovations. Bright Star, Luminous Cloud forms the narrative of the development of Humanistic Buddhism through the life and times of Venerable Master Hsing Yun.
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BIES(22) -On Becoming a Bodhisattva / 菩薩的宗教體驗
Introduction A Bodhisattva is someone truly dedicated to delivering all sentient beings from suffering. This booklet introduces some of the characteristics to be developed on such a path.
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BIES(18)-The Amitabha Sutra and the Pure Land School
Introduction Describes the different Pure Lands mentioned in Buddhist texts and the idea of building a pure land here in this life.
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BIES(4)- The Great Buddha / 偉大的佛陀
Introduction A collection of frequently asked questions regarding the Buddha’s life.
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Bells, Gongs and Wooden Fish – 無聲息的歌唱
Introduction In Bells, Gongs, and Wooden Fish, Venerable Master Hsing Yun grants voices to the objects of daily monastic life to tell their stories in this collection of first-person narratives. From monastic shoes to robes and alms bowls, these everyday objects tell the story of their lives and the life of Buddhism from their own perspective.  Originally published in 1953, the collected sketches are both lyrical and satiric. The collection of inanimate speakers describe and criticize the state of Chinese Buddhism in the early twentieth century in which educating the laity in an afterthought and the day-to-day activities of monastics are dominated by funerary rites.  Bells, Gongs, and Wooden Fish showcases the beginnings of Master Hsing Yun's work as a Buddhist reformer, and describes a path to revolutionize, modernize, and humanize Buddhism that resonates to this day. 
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Being Good – 人間佛教的經證
Being Good invites readers to consider what it means to lead a good life. In this collection of essays, Venerable Master Hsing Yun offers practical advice on specific moral and ethical issues, using passages from the Buddhist scriptures as a point of departure for his discussions. Topics include controlling the body and speech, overcoming greed, ending anger, getting along with others, and more.
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After Many Autumns – 佛教作品選錄
Fluidly translCP, Autumnated and annotated, and complete with biographical and historical notes, After Many Autumns collects over two hundred of the most well-known and beloved works of Chinese Buddhist literature into a single volume. In poetry and prose, After Many Autumns culls from centuries of celebrated compositions from monastics, hermits, sages, and scholars as they communicate subtle truths.
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366 Days with Wisdom
Introduction This is a collection of Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s Essay which reflects on hoe Humanistic Buddhism applies to all aspects of life. Topics in this book include discussions of ethics, emotions, wealth, happiness, compassion, religion, education, celebrations, nature, government, and our future. These essays emphasize the importance of how a moment of thought can transform our daily lives to purify our mind and thought. Let’s read it.
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25‘c的天空 / 滿濟法師
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般若心經的生活觀 / 星雲大師
《般若心經》的全名是《佛說摩訶般若波羅蜜多心經》。讀《般若心經》,是為了認識自己,找到自己回家的道路,把自己的本源探究出來。   本書將《般若心經》經文分段闡述。星雲大師透過事理、故事,深入淺出地闡明其奧義,若能體會並活用,勝過世間一切法寶。   我們聽過很多道理,擁有很多常識,但是曾深入了解「講自己的經」嗎?曾深入了解自己的心嗎?要認識自己,就要用《般若心經》。
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十種幸福之道-佛說妙慧童女經/勝鬘經十大受 / 星雲大師
本書有兩部經典的內容:《十種幸福之道──佛說妙慧童女經》、《勝鬘經十大受》。   《十種幸福之道──佛說妙慧童女經》,載於《大寶積經》中,所以也可稱為《大寶積妙慧童女經》。八歲妙慧童女,面貌秀麗,行動舉止端莊溫和。一次,佛陀說法時,她從容不迫地走到佛前,右繞三匝,頂禮三拜,並向佛陀提出十大問題,震驚全座,即:「如何才能獲得端正的身體?如何才能獲得大富大貴?如何才能免除眷屬不和?如何才能像佛陀一樣端坐大寶蓮花?如何才能遊諸國土,禮敬諸佛?如何能夠沒有冤家對頭?如何講話才能令人生信?如何修持佛法才能免除障礙?如何才能降伏煩惱魔障?如何才能見佛聞法?」   佛陀對妙慧童女開示了獲得幸福的方法。   《勝鬘經十大受》,敘述勝鬘夫人善根深厚,初次聞法就能與佛陀相應,在佛前發了十個修行菩薩道之誓願。大師以平易近人的文字和精采生動的故事,將其演繹為現代人可以受持、實踐之法;是女性解脫、成佛的寶典。   從中印證修行無分男女,只要有承擔的勇氣和決心,人人都能有所成就。
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談淨土法門 / 星雲大師
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成就的祕訣:金剛經 /星雲大師
《金剛經》由佛陀與弟子須菩提間的問答,闡述「一切法無我」、「一切法皆空」的「般若空性」;一旦證悟了「空」、通透了「般若」,我們在人間,出世入世都能受用、皆得成就。 《成就的祕訣:金剛經》是大師和大家共享佛法實踐於人間的信念:佛法是用來實踐的。我們不但讀經,並且要能夠「行經」,學佛是為了在人間成就,在我們生活的行住坐臥之間,哪裡不能修行呢?
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