Where is Your Buddha Nature? – 人間佛教人情味
Related with warmth and wisdom, these stories harken back to the essence of Buddhism, while at the same time remaining contemporary and immediate filled with the hum of the modern world and the reals situations, conflicts, and opportunities Buddhists face daily. These accessible tales and anecdotes are also a perfect and painless introduction to modern Buddhist practice and belief.
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What in Brief is Buddhism? – 佛法大意
What in Brief is Buddhism? Looks at the great religious system of Buddhism diachronically on a historical timeline, and synchronically as a widespread heritage of humankind as it enters the new millennium. The explanation of Buddhism in its diverse forms is enriched by the addition of an anthology of Buddhist texts, a brief dictionary of Buddhist terms and a select bibliography.
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Travelling to the Other Shore – 六波羅蜜的啓示
Drawn from the Buddhist scriptures, Traveling to the other Shore contains a treasury of stories from the life of the Buddha and his great disciples. Structured around the six perfections of generosity, discipline, patience, diligence, concentration, and wisdom, the Buddha teaches his disciples how to live out these principles in their lives, providing guidance for our own lives. 「六波羅蜜」又稱「六度」,即是布施、持戒、忍辱、精進、禪定、般若。在大乘佛教中,實踐六度法門是成佛之道。
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The Lotus Sutra 妙法蓮華經觀世音菩薩普門品
The Universal Gate Chapter introduces the compassionate visage of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (Chi:Guanyin), who has been a source of inspiration and devotion for Buddhists and non-Buddhists for centuries. This short chapter of sutra, chanted and memorized throughout East Asia, is believed to be a strong protection of our body and mind. 佛陀在《觀世音菩薩普門品》中,讚揚了千百年來被世人所敬仰、供奉的大慈大悲觀世音菩薩。該品從《妙法蓮華經》中節選,在東亞地區廣泛流行。奉持、讀誦之人可獲觀世音菩薩身心的保護。
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The Guiding Orchids / 幽蘭行者
The Guiding Orchids offers a glimpse into the histories, lives and the experiences of Sakyamuni Buddha and other iconic Buddhist Masters of China. Each made significant contributions to the understanding of the Buddha, the Dharma, paving the way for the Sangha to practice with clarity and efficiency. To quote Venerable Tzu Jung, “The purpose of this book is to delve into the lives of eminent monks throughout history; their efforts to uplift Buddhism; revolutionize the doctrine; as well as strengthen and support society. It is my hope that their actions inspire Buddhists today, driving them to hold their own revolutions. For without revolutions, there can be no progress for Buddhism. Despite the many changes and crises it underwent throughout history, it remains unshaken.”
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The Diamond Sutra in Chinese Culture – 金剛經與中國文化
In The Diamond Sutra in Chinese Culture, Venerable Yong You examines the multi-faceted history of the Diamond Sutra and its profound effect upon Chinese Buddhism, as well as its wide ranging impact on Chinese religion, culture, art, literature, folklore and technology. Starting from the introduction of the Diamond Sutra in China to the Song Dynasty, Venerable Yong You delves deeply into the Dunhuang collections, comprised of the oldest Chinese Buddhist manuscripts in the world, to offer insightful new research and a compelling perspective on the influence of this very important text.
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The Core Teachings – 佛法要義(舊版)
Conceived as a starting point for those coming to Buddhism for the first time, The Core Teachings is a guided tour of the most essential aspects of Buddhist wisdom and how they can be applied in our own lives and practice. Honed by Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s decades of teaching and commitment to sharing Buddhism in a straight forward, accessible way, The Core Teachings gives new life to Buddhist basics like the Four Noble Truths, karma, and the five precepts. First published as Lotus in a Stream, this well-loved text has served as a gateway for many to bring peace and compassion into their lives. Now newly revised, expanded, and better than ever, The Core Teachings is a worthy companion for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.
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The Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha(Comic)
Introduction I wrote The Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha for one and a half year and it was completed in 1955. Mr Terry Lim expressed his wish to present it in a cartoon version based the book. He spent seven months to complete the work and maintained the original content. It is a good alternative for reading. I wish that the readers will be able to learn about the Buddha's life and His teachings, and that we all can follow His footsteps to liberate oursleves. by Venerable Master Hsing Yun
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Ten Paths to Happiness
Introduction We all want to be happy. Twenty-six hundred years ago a young girl named Sumati asked the Buddha ten earnest questions on how to live happily in this life and beyond, with the Buddha’s detailed responses revealing that happiness can only be attained when we understand the nature of the world and practice for the benefit of others. In Ten Paths to Happiness, Venerable Master Hsing Yun now explicates these precious teachings and presents the path to lasting happiness to all who wish for peace, harmony, equality, and liberation from suffering in this life.
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Star and Cloud – 人間佛教的行者 – 星雲大師
Renowned Taiwanese comic book artist Zheng Wen brings you Star and Cloud, the graphic novel adaptation of Venerable master Hsing Yun’s life. From his origins as a poor village boy from Jiangdu, to the development of Buddhism in Taiwan and the construction of Fo Guang Shan monastery, Zheng Wen renders master Hsing Yun’s life with energetic lines and striking detail.
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说说唱唱英语智慧歌谣 RHYMES OF WISDOM – CD + DVD
专辑介绍 托尔斯泰曾说过:「成功的教学不是强制,而是激发学生的兴趣。」英语歌谣琅琅上口,节奏欢快,容易记忆,孩子们喜闻乐见、乐于吟唱。《说说唱唱英文智慧歌谣》以欢快、跳跃、简单易记的旋律深受孩子们的喜爱。孩子们在优美的儿歌音乐中说说唱唱,蹦蹦跳跳,很快就学会了英语。 The English version of is full of wonders and the easy-to-learn melody will make the children have fun while learning good moral values through reciting and singing the poem-liked wisdom phrases by Ven. Master Hsing Yun.
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Parading the Buddha – 佛誕節的本土化與演變
In her debut work, Ven. Juewei examines Buddhist acculturation – how cultures adapt to and interact with other cultures – through the history of Buddha’s birthday celebrations. Ven. Juewei’s research brings to life historical accounts of grand Buddha image processions during the Northern Wei dynasty around the resplendent capital of Luoyang, then the largest city in the world. Ven. Juewei provides analysis of how Buddha’s Birthday parades changed the politics, social makeup, and religious imagination of the people.
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是谁 翻转我的生命 是谁 给我翅膀飞翔 是谁 带我遨游世界 是谁 让我生命多彩 是您──星云大师
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Living Affinity – 佛教與生活
Human beings are social; we cannot live apart from community. According to the Buddhist monk Venerable Master Hsing Yun, when we perceive that human society is nothing other than a web of human relationships, we will understand just how crucial our relationships are. In Living Affinity, Master Hsing Yun describes the foundations of that web – in community relationships, love and affection, the environment, wealth and the material world, time and space, and in terms of spiritual development. Through a close examination of some of the key sutras and stories of Buddhist doctrine, Master Hsing Yun provides us with a wisdom rooted in the knowledge of centuries and yet vibrantly relevant today.
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Little Panka Sweeps the Mind – 掃心地。周利槃陀伽的故事
Little Panka is a novice monk who can’t get anything right: as soon as he is taught something he forgets it right away. Little Panka’s older brother gets so frustrated he kicks him out of the monastery. Just when i couldn’t get any worse, Little Panka is visited by the Buddha, who gently shows him new ways to learn. With vibrant illustrations by Du Lu, Little Panka Sweeps the Mind is a charming picture book about the importance of patience that shows readers young and old that awakening is open to us all.
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