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佛光菜根谭抄经纸 (1)

内容简介 《佛光菜根谭》内容从人生各个层面阐明为人处事的原则,句句妙语生动婉约,深富人生哲理,是现代人最佳的生活指南。 本书特色 * 条状抄经纸,让抄经更轻松、活泼、方便。 * 20句佛光菜根谭,引领幸福人生。 * 300张超经字条,自修共修,皆大欢喜。

Bells, Gongs and Wooden Fish

Introduction In Bells, Gongs, and Wooden Fish, Venerable Master Hsing Yun grants voices to the objects of daily monastic life to tell their stories in this collection of first-person narratives. From monastic shoes to robes and alms bowls, these everyday objects tell the story of their lives and the life of Buddhism from their own perspective.  Originally published in 1953, the collected sketches are both lyrical and satiric. The collection of inanimate speakers describe and criticize the state of Chinese Buddhism in the early twentieth century in which educating the laity in an afterthought and the day-to-day activities of monastics are dominated by funerary rites.  Bells, Gongs, and Wooden Fish showcases the beginnings of Master Hsing Yun's work as a Buddhist reformer, and describes a path to revolutionize, modernize, and humanize Buddhism that resonates to this day. 

BIES05-The Buddhist Perspective on Life and Destiny

Introduction A catalog of numerous Buddhist teacher’s opinions related to interpretations of destiny.

BIES07-When We Die

Introduction A description of the Buddhist view about what happens at the moment of death and after death.